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May 26 2012


The Voice Actors of Batman | ScrewAttack.com

Watch this. I am SOOOO eager to play Arkham City now...damnit I haven't even finished Asylum yet! *takes forever to play through games*

May 09 2012

I have to find out where this is. Who wants to go with me?! via tallest_rock_climbing_wall_2.jpg (JPEG Image, 800 × 599 pixels) - Scaled (98%)

May 07 2012

Neither are books I've had the pleasure to read yet, though 1984 is in my list, but from what I have heard and read of them, these are frighteningly accurate depictions of our future. So I ask you one thing. Take an hour away from Soup, and Tumblr, and Facebook, and Twitter, find a book, and read. Just for an hour. But don't read the fantasy, or horoscopes, or gossip magazines, read something of substance. A biography, or history book or sociology, or even listen to the presidential and the candidates speeches. I dare you to form a new opinion today via death resistance comics scary propaganda censored books George Orwell government Aldous Huxley television culture F.E.A.R media - Wallpaper (#659345) / Wallbase.cc
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May 04 2012



if I ever come across a boggart, I’m totally, 100% screwed. Because my boggart would be a Weeping Angel. And whatever takes the image of an Angel, becomes an Angel. So it wouldn’t be affected by “Riddikulus”.



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May 01 2012


The Doctor Who Fandom and the Olympic Torch

Whovians: You know who has to carry the Olympic Torch and light up the fire?
BBC: Hey, wait a second, you kno-
Whovians: You know who has to do it
BBC: Listen, that was just an episode-
Whovians: You know who.
BBC: It's just fiction.
Whovians: You know who.
BBC: But this series is not that important as-
Whovians: You know.
BBC: But-
Whovians: Or the world will explode
BBC: ...What?
Whovians: It's time law BBC.
BBC: ...
Whovians: It's the law of the universe.
BBC: ... 
Whovians: There will be a crack in time.
BBC: I think you take this a bit too seriou-
Whovians: The Doctor will come
BBC: But David hasn't even got time for this, we asked-
Whovians: It's written in history.
BBC: But the Queen-
Whovians: Will not be amused.
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April 26 2012

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April 23 2012

Muggles are not able to REBLOG this.


REBLOG this to prove you are not a Muggle.

my reblog button fucked up and i almost had a heart attack

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Copy of Harry Potter in Doctor Who Series 1: The End of The World






Did anyone EVER notice that there is Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone in  the glass cabinet? X’DDDDDDDDDDDDD

PRECIOUS EARTH ANTIQUE! How could the BBC resist?
Cute because Zoë Wanamaker who plays Lady Cassandra was Madam Hooch in the film adaptation of the book pictured above.


Oh my God, I never noticed! This is awesome.

Doctor Who is seriously made by the best people in the world :’)

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April 22 2012

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April 19 2012

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April 10 2012

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